Grid Computing for Medicine: Grid-Enabled SEE++

System Requirements

This tutorial assumes that you have installed the Quicktime plugin and the Flash plugin in your web browser. If you now hear a voice and see an animation on the right side, then everything is okay and you may press the "Start" button at the bottom of this page to return to the tutorial.

Otherwise, you have one or both of these problems:

No sound:
First make sure that your PC can generate sound at all (by playing some sound file with any program; make sure that the speakers are switched on and that in your operating system the sound volume is set too "high").

If your PC can in principle generate sound but you cannot hear a voice when visiting this page, then please install

Apple Quicktime
(press the button "Free Download Now" and proceed as indicated).
No animation:
Please install the
Adobe Flash Player
(press the button "Download Now" and proceed as indicated).
After the installation, stop and restart your browser (do not just reload this page) and visit this page again. If you still cannot hear the voice and/or see the animation, contact your system administrator.
Interactive demonstration:
To run the interactive grid demonstration, you also need the
Java Runtime Environment
(press the button "Download" and proceed as indicated) and have the Java plugin installed in your browser (stop and restart your browser).

However, even without Java you can watch a screen recording of the demonstration.