Distributed Constraint Solving for Functional Logic Programming

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July 1997 - June 1999.
RISC-Linz (Bruno Buchberger, Hoon Hong, Wolfgang Schreiner), SCORE (Tetsuo Ida).
Technical Project Leader
Wolfgang Schreiner.
Sponsored by
Research Institute for Advanced Information Technology (AITEC) in the frame of the AITEC Contract Resarch Programme.
Research and Development Goals
We are going to develop a distributed software system consisting of The interpreter is based on an already existing (sequential) implementation of a functional logic language on the computer system Mathematica extended in two directions: The OR parallel features of the interpreter allow the decomposition of the solution space into different subspaces denoted by various sets of constraints; the individual sets are solved by different constraint solving engines in parallel and joined together to form the total solution set. This allows to investigate problems with large solution spaces using the computational power available in large computer networks.
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