Automated Meeting Minutes Generator

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June 1998 - September 1998.
Technical Project Leader
Wolfgang Schreiner.
Sponsored by
Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Transport in the frame of the COOPERATE initiative.
ACE, GUP-Linz, RISC-Linz, RIST++.
Research and Development Goals
We are developing a component of a software system for the support of distributed meetings. This component consists of a server that collects and archives client data generated during the meeting and of a tool that transforms these data into hypertext meeting minutes.
Project Archive
Internal access only.
Demonstration access to visualized meeting minutes.
Minutes Generator
The document generator and visualization applet (245 KB, gzipped tar file).
Meeting Server
The meeting server and generic meeting client (1307 KB, self-extracting exe).
Cooperate Server

Maintained by: Wolfgang Schreiner
Last Modification: November 17, 1999

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