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Saving partial results

There is a possibility to set up automatic saving of the status of the work in a long computation. In case of a server breakdown or a period of intensive use of the system, the computations may be interrupted and continued later from the last saved stage.

This feature is controlled by the configuration variables:

a boolean flag, indicating whether the saving should be done,
a numeric value, providing the amount of time (in seconds) to be elapsed between two savings,
a name of a `.m' file, to which the data are saved.
  desingcfg[saveWork] := true;
  desingcfg[saveTime] := 1000;
  desingcfg[saveFile] := `/tmp/html/savefile.m`;

A computation can be continued by the dcont (or pdcont, in distributed environment) procedure, which takes only the name of the file from which the data can be retrieved. These backup files contain only the data that is essential for the computation to be carried on and give the whole final result (i.e. the charts that are resolved, the charts that need further processing and some administrative data for tracking interdependencies). This means that all the configuration information like, for instance, htmlpath, saveFile or the clients list in case of a distributed session has to be set by the user prior to the dcont or pdcont call. The single threaded and the distributed sessions can continue each other's interrupted work.

If an interrupted computation produced HTML export and the computation is not finished yet, the HTML file containing the resolution tree is not present. For the easier navigation, one can also generate such a tree-file for the partial results with the procedure maketree. It takes only one parameter, the name of the file in which the computation is saved.

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