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It is also an interface procedure under the short name adjoints. It computes the vector space of m-adjoints for a hypersurface, after its singularities has been resolved.

a basis of the vector space V in the k-algebra of the ambient variety (i.e. chart) of the hypersurface in which the adjoints are to be computed, or the degree up to which the standard monomial basis is to be taken if the chart is an affine space,
an integer m >= 1 specifying the order of adjunction.
A basis for the sub-vector space of m-adjoints in V with respect to the hypersurface whose desingularization is stored in the chartHistory global variable.
Before the call to `desing/adjoints` one has to resolve the singularities of the hypersurface in question via a dloc, pdloc call. Example:
  dloc(x1^4+x2^4+x3^2*x4^2, [x1,x2,x3,x4]);

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