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The access routines

All the data of a chart-record has to be accessed by procedures provided for this purpose. The group of procedures which reads certain data fields out are named by the pattern on the left, those which set the data are on the right

    `desing/access/get*`           `desing/access/set*`.
The `get' routines take a single parameter, which is either a chart-record (in context of chart data), or a basic object (in context of basic object data) and they return the corresponding data member.

The `set' routines take two parameters. The first is either a chart-record or a basic object (like above) in which the corresponding field has to be set, and the second is the new value of that field. They return the new object with the appropriate field set.

The complete list is of these procedures is:

    `desing/access/getBO`          `desing/access/addBO`
    `desing/access/getBOList`      `desing/access/setBOList`
    `desing/access/getC`           `desing/access/setC`
    `desing/access/getDEP`         `desing/access/setDEP`
    `desing/access/getDEP2`        `desing/access/setDEP2`
    `desing/access/getDEP2V`       `desing/access/setDEP2V`
    `desing/access/getE`           `desing/access/setE`
    `desing/access/getEM`          `desing/access/setEM`
    `desing/access/getFOCUS`       `desing/access/setFOCUS`
    `desing/access/getTAGS`        `desing/access/setTAGS`
    `desing/access/getH`           `desing/access/setH`
    `desing/access/getIDs`         `desing/access/setIDs`
    `desing/access/getIMAP`        `desing/access/setIMAP`
    `desing/access/getLMAP`        `desing/access/setLMAP`
    `desing/access/getMAP`         `desing/access/setMAP`
    `desing/access/getSCS`         `desing/access/setSCS`
    `desing/access/getIND`         `desing/access/setIND`
    `desing/access/getJ`           `desing/access/setJ`
    `desing/access/getN`           `desing/access/setN`
    `desing/access/getPDER`        `desing/access/setPDER`
    `desing/access/getS`           `desing/access/setS`
    `desing/access/getSET`         `desing/access/setSET`
    `desing/access/getSL`          `desing/access/setSL`
    `desing/access/getSUBST`       `desing/access/setSUBST`
    `desing/access/getSn`          `desing/access/setSn`
    `desing/access/geta`           `desing/access/seta`
    `desing/access/getc`           `desing/access/setc`
    `desing/access/gettype`        `desing/access/settype`
The procedures getBOList and its pair access the basic object stack of a chart-record (which is actually a list). The procedures getBO and addBO are somehow exceptions in terms of their parameters. Both of them receives a basic object stack as their first parameter and has the index of the basic object to be accessed as an additional parameter.

There are the following additional access routines:

it takes a chart record and an integer, and inserts the chart-record into globalChartList at the given position. If the position is out of range, the chart-record is inserted to the closest possible place.
it has no parameter and it returns an initial (empty) basic object.
it has no parameter and it returns an initial (empty) chart-record.
it removes the basic object of index given by its second parameter from the stack given by its first parameter. It returns the the new stack.
it takes the parameters L a list, i an integer, O any object. It replaces the i-th element of L by O and returns the new list.

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