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Conversion of a stratifying function value to string.

the stratifying function value as computed by `desing/vstfn` for a given chart record.
The value converted to string with the notation explained below.

We used the definition of the stratifying function which can be found in the paper [EV00].

The values of the subfunctions which are computed in different dimensions are separated by parentheses or brackets. The values of the generic (nontrivial) branch of the function appear in brackets, while the values of the monomial and good-point branches in parentheses (please recall that any value in parentheses is smaller than any other in brackets (provided that they measure resolution problems of the same dimension)).

The order components of the values should be understood as rational orders computed for powered ideals (see, [BS00a][BS01][Bod00]), which are just the c components of weighted basic objects. In the same context, the exponents in the a functions can also well be rational numbers.

The last component of the parenthesized function values stands for the list of exceptional divisors defining the blowing up center in the monomial case. The numbers in these lists index the global exceptional divisor list (therefore they can be different from the numbers that appear in the chart data or in the chart tree).

Asterisks mark the case when the codimension-one part of the maximum stratum is not empty, thus the maximal function value is 'infinity'.

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