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About the Software (desing v1.0)

The program is an implementation of the algorithm for embedded desingularization of hypersurfaces in characteristic zero by O. Villamayor. It comes as a precompiled Maple package with the full source code available, under the GNU GPL.

The program is able to generate debugging output in ASCII and HTML formats. The first is written to the standard output and contains every step of the computation, therefore it is to be used by redirecting the standard output of Maple to a file for later analysis. The HTML output requires the setup of some parameters before the computation is started (see the online help), and produces an HTML file for each chart in the resolution tree, and one more for the tree itself (examples).

The program is prepared to be able to hande fragmented computation, i.e. to continue interrupted sessions. This feature requires the setup of some parameters before the actual compuation, and saves the partial results into a specified file.

There are two available releases of the initial version (downloadable with the following links):

IMPORTANT: The packages of v1.0 require the mgrobner subpackage of CASA. For more information about the installation, please, take a look at the README file.

WARNING: The release for Maple V R4 shows unstability on our workstation. The bug hasn't been discovered yet, and supposedly it is related to the environment Maple V R4 works in. This means that you might have no problem with the package, however, since the unstability doesn't show up with Maple V R5, we recommend that this version is used.

Release History.

At any feedback, bug report, etc., please write to the following address

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