ALgorithmically Integrable Systems in Action

This joint project with the Landau Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chernogolovka, Russia runs from October 2006 to September 2008. It is sponsored by the Austrian Academic Exchange Service under the contract 10/2006.

The main goal of the project ALISA is to develop an engine, a kernel of an online encyclopedia ALISA (Algorithmically Integrable Systems in Action) of a new type. The content and structure of such an encyclopedia has been discussed by the leading European specialists on integrable systems at the conference ALISA-2005. ALISA will be an inter-active database containing

  1. lists of integrable differential equations, classified according to their intrinsic properties (symmetries, conservation laws, Lax-pairs, etc.), and
  2. software tools allowing a user to check these properties also for new equations.
The database will be structured both by equation type and by techniques for solutions, and contain links to symbolic algebra programs to demonstrate useful techniques, together with programs to analyze new equations. The software will be able to search a new example for connections to existing known cases - often an apparently new equation can be shown to be related to a standard model by some non-trivial transformation.

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Austria: Research Institute for Symbolic Computation
Russia: Landau Institute of Theoretical Physics

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