SmaPro - Smart Production

Machine Data Analysis and Interpretation in Production

This project is part of the Austrian Research Promotion Agency’s (FFG) program titled “Forschungskompetenzen für die Wirtschaft” and runs from October 1, 2014 to May 31, 2016.

Including the RISC company and the RISC institute, 13 partners (four academic partners, four small and mid-size companies and five large companies) form a "qualification network" that aims to help companies face the future challenges of the German government’s high-tech strategy program Industry 4.0 to, for example, advance digital production processes. In particular, the network offers modularly designed courses in the area of smart production/machine data analysis and interpretation in production with corresponding content in mathematics, computer sciences, mechanical engineering, mechatronics and software engineering which are the prerequisites for the business partners’ future tasks.

For more information, see also the project's home page


Wolfgang Schreiner
Last modified: November 24, 2015.