Semantic Technologies for Computer Science Education

The project "SemTech" is jointly sponsored by the Austrian OEAD WTZ program and the Slovak SRDA agency under the contract SK 14/2018. This project runs from January 2018 till December 2019 and is jointly pursued by the following two groups:

Research Institute for Symbolic Computation, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria
Department of Computers and Informatics, Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia
This project pursues the novel application of technologies which are based on the semantics of formal languages (programming languages, the language of predicate logic, etc) to the education of university students in formal models of computer science. This research is based on the expertise of both cooperation partners gained in prior relevant research and development projects. The Slovakian partner is well renowned in the area of formal semantics of programming languages resulting for instance in a tool that visualizes the execution of programs based on notions from category theory. The Austrian partner has ample background in logic and formal methods in computer science leading e.g. to the development of software tools for the computer-aided specification and verification of programs based on the formal semantics of program execution. In our cooperation we construct various theoretical and practical interconnections between our research, enabling for instance the Austrian side to integrate novel visualization techniques into their tools, and enabling the Slovakian side to find novel domains of applications for their research results. In particular, we perform research on novel models of the operational interpretation of the evaluation of predicate logic formulas with the goal of aiding students in the understanding of complex formulas as arise in the the specification and verification of computer programs.
Wolfgang Schreiner
Last modified: January 2018