The LogicGuard Software

This is the binary distribution of the LogicGuard software, a stream monitor specification language and associated monitoring system. This software is developed in the frame of the LogicGuard project.

This is NOT free software, see file COPYRIGHT for the terms of the license agreement.

Download LogicGuard 1.04

The software runs on Microsoft Windows systems with an installation of the Microsoft .NET framework version 4.5 and an installation of WinPcap version 4.1.3.

The software also runs with Mono on Linux and MacOS systems provided that the file "LogicGuard.exe.config" is included in the current working directory and that the library libpcap is installed; on MacOS you have to replace in file "LogicGuard.exe.config" the string "libpcap.so" by "libpcap.dylib".

Please send bug reports to

The LogicGuard Project <logicguard@risc.jku.at>
Research Institute for Symbolic Computation (RISC), RISC Software GmbH, SecureGuard GmbH

Wolfgang Schreiner
Last modified: Wed Jan 18 2017