The interpretation of a time-quantified formula as an automaton.


The Efficient Checking of Time-Quantified Logic Formulas with Applications in Computer Security

See also the successor project LogicGuard II.

The project "LogicGuard" sponsored by the FFG BRIDGE program runs from January 2012 to December 2013. It is jointly pursued by three partners:

RISC Institute
RISC Software GmbH
Associate researcher:

The project pursues research on a new class of security solutions whose core is a formal language based on classical predicate logic. In this language one can specify security properties of streams of messages transmitted over the network. The goal is to automatically translate such a specification into a program that efficiently monitors the network for a violation of the properties and reacts appropriately (e.g., by triggering an alarm), if the property is violated.

See also this introductory paper for the overall results of the project.

Reports and Publications

Wolfgang Schreiner
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