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merged( Word l1, Word l2, BP comp, BF f, UP cancel)

Virtual Function
Defined in:
CU.list2iter or CU.list2rec
Returns a merged list from l1 and l2. l1, l2, and the resulting list are ordered w.r.t. the binary predicate comp.

Suppose tex2html_wrap_inline7078 and tex2html_wrap_inline7080 . If tex2html_wrap_inline7082 w.r.t. comp then tex2html_wrap_inline7084 will occur before tex2html_wrap_inline7086 in the resulting list. If tex2html_wrap_inline7088 then f tex2html_wrap_inline7090 is a candidate for the new list. If the candidate does not satisfy the predicate cancel it is inserted into the resulting list, otherwise it is canceled and the next elements are tested.

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