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Where to Locate the ``Gröbner-Directory''


During the installation procedure described in Section 1.2 the directory Groebner, the ``Gröbner-directory'', is created.

We recommend that each user has a ``private copy'' of GRÖBNER, because each change in the setup (e.g. coefficient domain, ordering of monomials, etc.) makes re-compilation of the library necessary (see Section 2). Therefore, each user should locate the ``Gröbner-directory'' in one of the subdirectories of the home-directory, where compilation can be done without regard of other users.

A considerable compromise might be to locate versions of the library for some of the most frequently used setups in a publically available directory. Those versions could be utilized for most of the applications then. Only those who need special setups would need their private version then.Example: Compile the library for polynomials over rational numbers and purely lexical ordering of monomials and put the resulting library into the directory /usr/local/lib/groebner, where it is usually available for all users. This version of the library might be sufficient for many users.

Those who want to experiment with different orderings, different coefficient domains, various levels of tracing of the algorithm, etc. have to keep separate copies of GRÖBNER in their own directories. Of course, they need the complete contents of the ``Gröbner-directory'' (see Section 1.4) for compilation in their private directories.

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