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Speaker: Prof. George Andrews, Pennsylvania State University, USA
Title: 4-Shadows in q-Series: Gupta, Kimberling, the Garden of Eden and the OEIS.
Date: 08.02. 2017   14:00--16:00
Location: RISC Seminar room
Abstract: TALK ANNOUNCEMENT: Special RISC Algorithmic Combinatorics Seminar Abstract: This talk is devoted to discussing the implications of a very elementary technique for proving mod 4 congruences in the theory of partitions. It starts with a tribute to the late Hans Raj Gupta and leads in unexpected ways to partitions investigated by Clark Kimberling, to Bulgarian Solitaire, and to Garden of Eden partitions. Each surprise busts forth from the OEIS. Note by P. Paule: Prof. Andrews kindly agreed to present a second talk in the frame of the RISC Algorithmic Combinatoric Seminar. Needless to say, all interested colleagues are very welcome!
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