16 Journal Publications

Adam Toth, Tamas Berczes, Attila Kuki, Bela Almasi, Wolfgang Schreiner, Jinting Wang, Fang Wang.
Analysis of Finite-Source Cluster Networks. Creative Mathematics and Informatics, volume 25, number 2, pages 223–235, May 2016. SINUS Association, ISSN 1584-286X.

Wolfgang Schreiner, Tamas Berczes, Janos Sztrik.
Probabilistic Model Checking on HPC Systems for the Performance Analysis of Mobile Networks
Annales Mathematicae et Informaticae, volume 43, pp. 123–144, 2014.

Tamas Berczes, Gabor Guta, Gabor Kusper, Wolfgang Schreiner, and Janos Sztrik.
Evaluating a Probabilistic Model Checker for Modeling and Analyzing Retrial Queueing Systems
Annales Mathematicae et Informaticae, Volume 7, pp. 51–75, Líceum University Press, 2010.

Dacian Tudor, Georgiana Macariu, Wolfgang Schreiner, Vladimir Cretu.
Experiences on Grid Shared Data Programming
International Journal of Grid and Utility Computing (IJGUC), Inderscience, 2009, pp. 43–54.

Wolfgang Schreiner.
The RISC ProofNavigator: A Proving Assistant for Program Verification in the Classroom
Formal Aspects of Computing, volume 21, number 3, pp. 277–291, 2009. The original publication is available at www.springerlink.com.
DOI 10.1007/s00165-008-0069-4

Gabriele Kotsis, Alois Ferscha, Wolfgang Schreiner, Ismail Khalil Ibrahim.
Mobile Multimedia: A Communication Engineering Perspective
Radiomatics: Journal on Communication Engineering, ITB Press, volume 1, number 1, May 2004, pp.1-11, ISSN 1693-5152.

Karoly Bosa, Wolfgang Schreiner.
Tolerating Stop Failures in Distributed Maple.
Scalable Computing: Practice and Experience, volume 6, number 2, pp. 59–70, July 2005.

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Distributed Maple: Parallel Computer Algebra in Networked Environments.
Journal of Symbolic Computation, volume 35, number 3, pp. 305–347, Academic Press, 2003.

Mircea Marin, Tetsuo Ida, Wolfgang Schreiner.
CFLP: a Mathematica Implementation of a Distributed Constraint Solving System (PostScript, Mathematica Notebook, Conference Version).
The Mathematica Journal, volume 8, number 2, pp. 287–300, 2001.
Selected papers of IMS ’99, Third International Mathematica Symposium, Hagenberg, Austria, August 23–25, 1999.

Wolfgang Schreiner.
A Para-Functional Programming Interface for a Parallel Computer Algebra Package.
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The Design of the SACLIB/PACLIB Kernels.
Journal of Symbolic Computation 19, pages 111–132, Academic Press, 1995.