Univ.-Prof. Dr. Peter Paule

RISC - Research Institute for Symbolic Computation

Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria

My research interests are computer algebra and algorithmic mathematics in connection with combinatorics and special functions, including aspects of number theory.

A list of publications can be found in the RISC Activity Database or on MathSciNet.

For the latest activities of my Algorithmic Combinatorics group at RISC see e.g. the seminar page.

Currently I am coordinating the research projects:

  • Computer Algebra Tools for Special Functions in Numerical Analysis (DK6)
  • SFB-project F050-06 "Partition Analysis"

I am also a research partner in a project on Symbolic Summation in Perturbative Quantum Field Theory coordinated by Carsten Schneider in the framework of the cooperation between the JKU and DESY (Johannes Blümlein, Berlin-Zeuthen).

Selected past projects:

  • Symbolic Integration and Special Functions (FWF, P20162)
  • Scientific part of the SFB Service Project
    (Apr 2004-Sep 2008, FWF, SFB F1301-3)
  • Proving and Solving in Special Function Domains
    (Apr 2004-Sep 2008, FWF, SFB F1305-3)
  • Symbolic Summation in Difference Fields
    (Dec 2003-Jan 2007, FWF, P16613-N12)
  • Programm Amadeus- Wiss. -Techn. Abkommen Österreich-Frankreich
    (Jan 2002-Dec 2003, ÖAD 17/2002)
  • Symbolic Summation and Combinatorial Identities
    (Apr 1998-Mar 2004, FWF, SFB F1305-1 & 2)
  • Algebraic and Computational Combinatorics
    (Oct 1989-Dec 1992, FWF, P7220)

A list of my talks is available from the RISC Activity Database.