Bruno Buchberger

special activities

PhD Curriculum for Symbolic Computation / Mathematics for Computer Science / The "Thinking, Speaking, Writing" Course / The White-Box - Black-Box Principle

Special Didactic Activities/ Mathematics for Computer Science:

In 1979 I designed the "Mathematics for Computer Science" part of the curriculum of computer science (consisting of four semesters) at the University of Linz. The approach emphasizes formal training (predicate logic as a working language) in the first two semesters and the integration of symbolic computation software systems into math teaching. This was the first such program that emphasizes the formal aspects of math training for computer science students. I taught the courses of this curriculum a couple of times myself (1979-1985 at the University of Linz and, again, 1993-1996 in the Fachhochschule (Polytechnic University) in Hagenberg. I laid down the basics of this approach in a textbook (1980) and a series of lecture notes (1993-1996). Co-workers of mine took this activity over and offer this series of courses now both at the University of Linz and the Polytechnik University of Hagenberg.