Bruno Buchberger

visiting positions

Initiator and Founder

Bruno Buchberger is initiator and founder of the following organizations.

2009: Initiator of an International Incubator for IT graduates.

2008: Evaluator of the Korean Institute of Advanced Science, Seoul.

2007: Founder of the Internatinal School for Informatics Hagenberg encompassing special master's and PhD studies.

2007: Initiator of the RISC Summers, an annual series of International Conferences on Symbolic Computation and related fields at the RISC Institute; each year, typically, 800 participants.

2001 - 2002: Chairman of Mathematics and Computer Science Section of the Academia Europea (London).

2001: Co-initiator of RICAM (Radon Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics, Austrian Academy of Science, Linz). (By now, over 60 researchers.)

2000: Initiator of a technology transfer institute, Institute e-Austria Timisoara, in Romania as a spin-off of RISC. (By now, over 30 R&D employees.)

2000: Coordinator of the e-Austria Task Force of the Austrian Government.

1999: Coordinator for establishing a Computer Science Department and computer science study at the University of Innsbruck, Austria. (Now, 600 students.)

1998: Initiator of the Software Competence Center in Hagenberg, Austria. (By now, 80 R&D employees.)

1995: Co-founder of the Distributed Austrian Network for Parallel Computation and the Austrian Grid Project. (By now, 150 R&D co-workers.)

1992: Initiator of the Fachhochschule (University of Applied Science) for Software in Hagenberg, Austria. (By now, 1300 students)

1990: Founder of the Softwarepark Hagenberg, Austria, and since then director. (By now, 1000 R&D employees.)

1987: Founder of the Research Institute for Symbolic Computation and chairman 1987-2000. (By now, 80 R&D employees.)

1985: Founding editor of the Journal of Symbolic Computation (Academic Press, London, now Elsevier) and editor-in-chief 1985-1995.