Add-Ons for Theorema 2.0

General Information

Below, you can find a list of a couple of add-ons and external tools for Theorema 2.0, created by Alexander Maletzky. These add-ons are not included in the official version of Theorema yet, but might be integrated in future releases.

All add-ons have been tested extensively, but nevertheless they come with absolutely no warranty! Furthermore, add-ons marked with "*" below are still under active development and might be updated frequently.

Add-ons can most conveniently be downloaded and installed using the Theorema Downloader: this is simply a Mathematica notebook providing functions that automate the installation process as far as possible - you basically only have to specify which add-on to install. Just open the notebook with Mathematica and follow the instructions. Note, however, that Theorema 2.0 should reasonably be installed already on your machine if you want to use the Theorema Downloader (although this is no strict requirement).
Alternatively, you may also download the add-ons manually and install them following the instructions below, but this is not recommended.


Some add-on packages come with Theorema notebooks that document their implementation and/or functionality, by detailed explanations or at least by some simple examples. In such a case, these notebooks are always stored in the "/Documentation/<package-name>/" sub-folder of your local Theorema installation directory.
Otherwise, if no notebooks are provided, the packages at least document the public functions they implement by providing detailed usage messages; these messages can be inspected in the usual way in Mathematica, by evaluating ?? <function-name>.


The minimal prerequisite for being able to use the add-ons is to have Mathematica (version 9 or newer, unless stated differently for a concrete add-on) and Theorema 2.0 installed on your computer.
Theorema 2.0 is completely free and even open-source. You can obtain it from the official website, which also provides detailed information on how to properly install it.

List of Add-On Packages

Manual Installation

In order to install an add-on package manually, follow the steps below:

  1. Download the respective zip-file from the links above, and unzip it.
  2. Copy the files (except the README file) to your local Theorema installation directory, exactly respecting the directory structure. Sub-directories that do not yet exist must be created, but existing directories must not be replaced as a whole! Only copy (and replace, if necessary) individual files!
    Example: some file "/Provers/LanguageData/English/Prover.m" in the downloaded package must be copied to sub-directory "/Provers/LanguageData/English/" of your Theorema installation directory, without replacing said directory as a whole.
  3. Consult the README file for more specific information relevant to the current package.