Course categories:

Project Seminar Formal Methods in Computer Science (WS 2004/2005)
Lecturer: Wolfgang Schreiner
Lecturer: Franz Lichtenberger
In this seminar, we will explore current research
and systems for specifying and verifying computer programs (specification languages, program verifiers, model checkers, ...)
Formal Semantics of Programming Languages (WS 2004/05)
Lecturer: Wolfgang Schreiner
This course presents some major methods for defining the meaning of languages (operational semantics, denotational semantics, axiomatic semantics) and programs and discusses their relationship.

Algorithms for Distributed Systems (WS 2004/2005)
Lecturer: Wolfgang Schreiner
The goal of this course is to teach students of computer science and mathematics fundamental distributed algorithms, i.e., algorithms for systems with concurrently executing components.