Project Seminar "Parallel and Distributed Software and Algorithms"

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Wolfgang Schreiner <>

326.834, SS 1999, Start: March 10
Thu 13:00-14:30, Hagenberg

Last Semester

October 13

  1. Seminar organization.
  2. Wolfgang Schreiner: "Distributed Maple and Parallel Resultant Computation"

October 21

  1. Mircea Marin: Overview Ph.D. work on "Distributed Constraint Solving for Functional Logic Programming".

October 28

  1. Cleopatra Pau: "Distributed Mathematica"

November 4

  1. Christian Mittermaier: Diploma work on "Parallelization of Algorithms from Algebraic Geometry".

November 11

  1. Igor Rents: work on "Temporal Assertions"

November 18

  1. Bogdan Matasaru: work on "Systolic Arithmetic"

November 25

  1. Gabor Kusper: "IBM Aglets"

December 9

  1. Karoly Bosa: "JavaSpaces"

Planned Talks

  1. Peter Kulczycki: "Agent Patterns for Mobile Systems"

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