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November 8: Denotational Semantics -- Basics and Relationship to Operational Semantics

Introduction (PostScript Slides)
Methods for semantics specifications; preview on basic structure of denotational definitions.
Syntax (PostScript Slides)
Concrete and abstract syntax definitions; corresponding proof techniques.
Set, Functions, Domains (PostScript Slides)
Sets; functions; semantic domains.
Semantic Algebras (PostScript Slides)
Semantic algebras; examples of primitive domains; compound domains; recursive function and domain definitions.
Basic Structure of Denotational Definitions (PostScript Slides)
A calculator language.
Imperative Languages I (PostScript Slides)
A language with assignment.
Introduction to Operational Semantics (Copies of Winskel)
Operational semantics of IMP; a proof of the equivalence of language constructs.
Operational vs Denotational Semantics (Copies of Winskel)
Denotational semantics of IMP; equivalence of the semantics.

November 15: Denotational Semantics -- Deepening and Relationship to Axiomatic Semantics

Domain Theory I (PostScript Slides)
Recursively defined functions; basic ideas of fixed points; examples.
Domain Theory II (Copies of Schmidt)
Partial orderings; continuous functions; least fixed points; domains are CPOs.
Imperative Languages II (PostScript Slides)
An interactive file editor; input and output; altering the properties of stores; delayed evaluation; multiple stores; noncommunicating commands.
Axiomatic Semantics (Copies of Winskel)
The idea; an assertion language; semantics of assertions; proof rules for partial corrrectness; soundness.
Completeness of the Hoare Rules (Copies of Winskel)
Weakest preconditions and expressiveness; verification conditions.

December 13: Languages with Contexts

Languages with Contexts I: A Block-Structured Language (PostScript Slides)
A block-structured language; stack-managed storage; the meaning of identifiers.
Languages with Contexts II: An Applicative Language (PostScript Slides)
An applicative language; scoping rules; self-application; recursive definitions.
Languages with Contexts III: Compound Data Structures (PostScript Slides)
Compound data structures.

January 17: Language Design Principles and Advanced Topics

Language Design Principles I (PostScript Slides)
Abstraction; recursive bindings.
Language Design Principles II (PostScript Slides)
Parameterization; polymorphism and typing.
Language Design Principles III (PostScript Slides)
Correspondence; qualification; orthagonality.
Control as a Semantic Domain (Copies of Schmidt)
Continuations, exceptions, backtracking, coroutines, unrestricted branching, relationship between direct and continuation semantics.

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Last Modification: December 18, 1997

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