Computational Logics for AI (326.223, 326.224)

326.223: Lecture (VL), 326.224: Exercises (UE)


This course focuses on computational aspects of logic. The covered topics include techniques to represent knowledge and to reason in classical propositional and first-order logic (with equality), nonmonotonic logics, and description logics. We introduce their syntax and semantics, present inference systems, study the theory behind them, and discuss applications. Besides acquiring theoretical background, students will also get hands-on experience with some tools and systems.

Materials will appear in the course Moodle page. It should be consulted for organizational details as well.


Winter Semester 2022.

Number:326.223: lecture (VL), 326.224: exercises (UE)
Title:Computational Logics for AI
Lecturers:Temur Kutsia (VL) and Cleo Pau (UE)
Time and place for the lecture:Monday, 08:30-10:00, hybrid, rooms HS 4 (until November 21, incl.) and HS 9 (starting from November 28)
Time and place for the exercises:Monday, 10:15-11:00
First meeting:October 10 (lecture), October 17 (exercises)
Registration:Via the KUSSS system
Grading:Minitests during the semester or the final exam