Computer Algebra
(VL: 326.105 & UE: 326.031)
Winter semester 2020/2021
Prof. Dr. Franz Winkler
Johann Mitteramskogler, MSc



Time and location:   Lecture (VL): Tue 16:30 – 18:00, HS 17
  Exercise (UE): Tue 15:30 – 16:15, HS 17

First meeting: 6 October (lecture), 13 October (exercise)

Lecture: A theoretical and practical introduction into the area of computer algebra will be presented. In particular, we deal with the constructive symbolic solution of systems of algebraic (i.e. polynomial) equations, and with factorization of polynomials.

The course will follow the appropriate chapters in

F. Winkler: Polynomial Algorithms in Computer Algebra,
Springer-Verlag Wien New York, 1996 (ISBN 3-211-82759-5).

Participants are expected to be acquainted with the basic notions in algebra and algorithm theory.

Exercise: The exercise part consists of homework exercises and a project.

Lecture notes: 0 - Title.pdf
1 - What Is CA.pdf

Exercise sheets: Available shortly

Website: www.risc.jku.at/education/courses/ws2020/ca