Computational Logic

Winter Semester 2018

The course is an introduction to computational logic for students in Computer Science and Mathematics.


Understand the principles of Computational Logic and its mathematical models, aquire the skills for using it in Mathematics and Computer Science.


The principles of Computational Logic and its role in human activity.

Main models: propositional logic, first-order predicate logic, higher-order logic. Proof systems: correctness, completeness.

Practical use of Computational Logic in Mathematics (building theories, proving), and in Computer Science (automatic reasoning, programming, describing and proving properties of programs, algorithm synthesis).


The schedule and the place of the lecture is shown in KUSSS.

Lectures (may change depending on the concrete progress)


Homeworks received: HW-1-5, HW-6-10.

Each exercise counts for your final grade. In particular the grade for exercises is based on the homework and on your activity in the class room.

In case you send your homeworks by e-mail, please use my address with the subject "Computational Logic Homework " + nr. of homework + last name (example: "Computational Logic Homework 3 Mayr").

Also please use as name of the file[s] your name and the number of the homework, e. g. like Mayer-3.pdf or and do not forget to write in the text your name and the number of the homework. Please do not use Windows Word files (*.doc) because the special symbols are not shown correctly on different systems. If you do not have alternative to Word, then please print the file using the option "Print to file" and send this file too.

T. Jebelean