Selected Algorithms (Seminar)

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The seminar is devoted to the study of elegant, efficient, practial, interesting, classical and non-classical algorithms, including in particular algorithms with no apparent relationship to symbolic computation. The main emphasis will be put on algorithms that are typically not covered by introductory lectures or textbooks on algorithms, but which nevertheless are of general interest. Also little-known aspects of well-known algorithms are potential topics of the seminar. Only algorithms whose understanding requires a substantial amount of external background knowledge are excluded from consideration.

Algorithms from various areas will be discussed. For instance:

Typically, at each meeting there will be a self-contained presentation of some algorithm. Depending on the algorithm and on the interest of the audience, the focus of the discussion might be on complexity analysis, comparison to related algorithms, data structures, implementation details, or applications.


Course Details

Course ID: 326.087
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Organizers: Manuel Kauers and Temur Kutsia
Time: Thursday, 16.15 -- 17.45 (weekly)
Place: RISC Seminar room, Hagenberg
Prerequesits: Participants are expected to be familiar with fundamental algorithms as tought in introductory courses such as 326.011 by Carsten Schneider or 326.026 by Heinrich Rolletschek.


Schedule (Winter 2006/07)

Date Speaker Title
2006-10-05 Manuel Kauers Fast Median Search
2006-10-12 Temur Kutsia Minimum Spanning Tree Algorithms
2006-10-19 Manuel Kauers Some Applications of Dynamic Programming
2006-11-09 Christoph Koutschan Burrows-Wheeler Transform
2006-11-16 Veronika Pillwein The Algorithms of Dijkstra and Bellman-Ford
2006-11-23 Markus Caba Least Common Ancestor Retrieval
2006-11-30 Laura Kovacs The Hungarian Algorithm
2006-12-07 Flavia Stan Linear Programming: The Simplex Algorithm
2006-12-14 Erik Pitzer Fibonacci Heaps
2007-01-11 Christian Aistleitner Splay Trees
2006-01-18 Burcin Erocal The algorithms of Games-Chan and Stamp-Martin
2006-01-25 Manuel Kauers Dancing links