Seminar: Set Theory and Logical Foundations 1

Dr. Heinrich Rolletschek

November 24, 2005

Time and place

Thursday 12:30-14:15, Seminar room Schloß Hagenberg, beginning October 13.

Entry requirements

Basics of set theory and mathematical logic.


Seminar talks.

Course aims

Getting acquainted with various aspects of set theory, in particular axiomatic and model-theoretic ones.

Course description

There will be more talks on certain topics which have already been dealt with in earlier semesters, like large cardinals, and also on philosophical issues. Further details will be decided later.

Lecture notes:

All files containing information about the seminar can be found in the directory  rolletsc/Lecnotes/Semstl.


Preliminary meeting

Monday, October 3, 14:00, seminar room Schloß Hagenberg.