Project Seminar "Parallel and Distributed Software and Algorithms"

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Wolfgang Schreiner <>

326.833, WS 2001/2002, Start: October 11
Thu 16:30-18:00, Hagenberg

Last Semester

October 11

  1. Seminar organization.
  2. Wolfgang Schreiner (PACT 2001 presentation)
    Manager-Worker Parallelism versus Dataflow
    in Distributed Maple
    We analyze two implementation variants of a parallel computer algebra algorithm in Distributed Maple. The original solution uses a manager-worker mechanism to control task scheduling, which requires an elaborate administration scheme. The new algorithm is based on a dataflow approach where all tasks are immediately started, automatically scheduled by the runtime system, and implicitly synchronized by task dependencies; non-determinism is effectively applied to provide more potential for parallelism. It turns out that the new version is not only more declarative (closer to the mathematical problem description) but also more efficient than the original solution.

October 18

  1. Karoly Bosa: Report on Ph.D. work (Fault Tolerance for Distributed Maple).

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