Project Seminar "Parallel and Distributed Software and Algorithms"

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Wolfgang Schreiner <>

326.833, WS 2000/2001, Start: November 8
Thu 13:00-14:30, Hagenberg

Last Semester

November 9

  1. Seminar organization.
  2. Wolfgang Schreiner: "The GHC-Maple Interface"

November 16

  1. Gabor Kusper, Karoly Bosa: "Fault Tolerance in Distributed Maple"

November 23

  1. Igor Rents: "Analysis of Program Verification Examples"

December 14

  1. Mircea Dragan: "On Decomposing Large Sparse Systems of Nonlinear Equations"

January 11

  1. Igor Rents: "Analysis of Program Verification Examples" (continuation)
  2. Hans-Wolfgang Loidl: "Performance Tuning of Parallel Functional Programs"

    Traditional parallel programming languages require the programmer to handle details of the parallel coordination such as the synchronisation of parallel tasks. This approach forces the programmer to deal with subtle timing issues that may lead to deadlocks or race conditions, which greatly complicates the design of a correct parallel program. Our parallel functional language, GPH, takes an approach of semi-explicit parallelism. In this model the programmer only has to annotate expressions that should be evaluated in parallel. By automatically handling task synchronisation etc it is fairly easy to develop a parallel program in this model. However, the higher level of abstraction poses a complication for understanding details of the dynamic behaviour. In this talk I will first give an introduction to GPH and its parallel programming model and then discuss how to tune the parallel performance of GPH programs.

January 18

  1. Discussion on introducing fault tolerance to Distributed Maple.

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