Engineering-Like Software Development (Training Project)

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As a practical continuation of Herwig Mayr's theoretical course on "Project Engineering", RISC-Linz offers for its Ph.D. students a training project on engineering-like software development.

Every Ph.D. student who has passed the course but has not yet participated in the training project is expected to join; if in doubt, please ask your supervisor. The amount of work is about 6 hours per week (at your own schedule) for the rest of the semester; a certificate on a 5 hours programming project will be issued.

Please reply by Wednesday to this email if you will take part; we will meet on

Friday, April 16, 14:30
(after the TSW course) in order to form two project groups.

Task Description

The goal of the project is the development of a program for the computation of Voronoi diagrams; the program contains a computational kernel that is controlled via a graphical user frontend.

The kernel accepts as a request a set of points in the plane and returns as a reply the Voronoi diagram of this set.

The user frontend gives the user the possibility to define the input graphically; it also visualizes the result returned by the kernel.

Kernel and user frontend are developed as separate processes; they may run on different machines.

Group A (Supervisor: Schreiner)
Kernel and frontend are implemented in pure Java with RMI (Remote Method Interface) as the communication mechanism;
Group B (Supervisor: Heinzelreiter)
The kernel is implemented in C++ and connected to the frontend via the Microsoft DCOM (Distributed Common Object Model) mechanism.

We will apply state of the art software development and project management tools; the implementation of the kernel shall be based as much as possible on standard libraries and frameworks (STL, Java Platform Core API).


Project Diary
Containing (among other data) time records of your work and minutes of all meetings.
A detailled specification of the project and the design of the software.
Implementation Documentation
Documentation of the software for further maintenance.

The software is to be appropriately packaged for distribution.

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