Symbolic Linear Algebra

1 General Information

Spezialvorlesung Symbolisches Rechnen: Symbolische Linear Algebra.
326.080 (2017S)
Dr. Johannes Middeke
jmiddeke (AT) risc.jku.at

2 Summary

The lecture will focus on finding exact solutions of systems of linear equations. The topics include:

  • diophantine equations (ie, systems over Euclidean domains)
  • matrix normal forms
  • fast algorithms for matrices over fields.

3 Time and Room

The lecture will be held on Fridays, 13:45–15:15 and the room is (Science Park) S2 054.

4 Material

The completed script (PDF) is now available.

5 Format

The course is held as a lecture. All classes will be taught in English.

6 Prerequisites

Students are expected to have basic knowlegde in linear algebra. In particular, they should be familiar with fields, vector spaces, and matrices.

7 Grading

The grade in this course will be determined by a written exam.

The exam date is Friday, June 30, 13:45–15:15 (that is, during the last class).