Mathematische Logik 2

Dr. Heinrich Rolletschek

February 16, 2017

1 Time and place:

Thursday, 8:30–10:00, HS 11, beginning 9.3.2017

2 Prerequisites:

Familiarity with syntax und semantics of predicate logic, as presented in the course Mathematical Logic 1, is desirable, although the fundamentals will be briefly repeated.

3 Contents:

Some philosophical (epistomological) consequences, which result from limitations of the expressive and deductive power of first-order predicate logic, will also be discussed. They become apparent most clearly by Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem, but also by the existence of nonstandard models.

4 Literature:

Lecture notes will be handed out.

5 Assessment:

Oral exams will be given after the course.