Sommersemester 2011
Prof. Franz Winkler
Rewriting in Computer Science and Logic (326.065)

Time:Fri 12.00 - 13.30
Room:T 112
First Lecture: Fri 11.03.2011

This lecture is intended to give an introduction to term rewriting systems and their application in computer science and logic. In particular we will discuss general reduction relations, properties of reduction systems such as confluence and termination, completion procedures (Knuth-Bendix procedure) for word rewriting systems and term rewriting systems.

Term rewriting systems developed out of mathematical logic and are an important part of theoretical computer science. They have applications in many areas, from functional programming to automatic theorem proving and computer algebra. The theory of rewriting is fundamental to concepts in constructive algebra, such as Gröbner bases, and also to concepts in logic, such as decision of equational theories (e.g. the theory of groups).

Lecture Notes:
4-string.pdf 4-string-PCP.pdf

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