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5th Int'l Workshop on Automated Specification and
Verification of Web Systems

Castle of Hagenberg, Austria
July 17, 2009
Part of the RISC Summer 2009
Session 1. (Chair: Temur Kutsia)
09:00-10:00 Linked Broken Data (Invited Talk).
Axel Polleres.
10:00-10:30Certified Web Services in Ynot.
Ryan Wisnesky, Gregory Malecha and Greg Morrisett.
10:30-10:50Coffee break.
Session 2. (Chair: Jesus M. Almendros-Jimenez)
10:50-11:20Towards a Framework for the Verification of UML models of services.
Federico Banti, Francesco Tiezzi and Rosario Pugliese.
11:20-11:50Analyzing a Proxy Cache Server Performance Model with the Probabilistic Model Checker PRISM.
Tamas Berczes, Gabor Guta, Gabor Kusper, Wolfgang Schreiner and Janos Sztrik.
11:50-12:20Verification of Web Content: A Case Study on Technical Documentation.
Christian Schoenberg, Mirjana Jaksic, Franz Weitl and Burkhard Freitag.
Session 3. (Chair: Demis Ballis)
14:00-15:00Social Media in Sciences (Invited Talk).
François Bry.
15:00-15:30A Query Language for OWL based on Logic Programming.
Jesus M. Almendros-Jimenez.
15:30-15:50Coffee break.
Session 4. (Chair: Josep Silva)
15:50-16:20Obtaining accessible Rich Internet Applications by combining RUX-Method and SAW.
Marino Linaje, Adolfo Lozano-Tello, Juan Carlos Preciado, Fernando Sanchez-Figueroa and Roberto Rodriguez.
16:20-16:50Automatic Functional and Structural Test Case Generation for Web Applications based on Agile Frameworks.
Boni Garcia, Juan C. Duenas and Hugo A. Parada Gelvez.
16:50-17:20Benchmarking and improving the accessibility of Norwegian municipality web sites.
Morten Goodwin Olsen, Annika Nietzio, Mikael Snaprud and Frank Fardal.
17:20-17:40Coffee break.
Session 5. (Chair: Wolfgang Schreiner)
17:40-18:10A Rule-based Approach for Managing Semantic Inconsistencies in Web Information Systems Development.
Francisco J. Lucas, Fernando Molina and Ambrosio Toval.
18:10-18:40Extracting information from semantic web by program slicing.
J. Guadalupe Ramos, Josep Silva, Gustavo Arroyo and Juan Carlos Solorio.
18:45-19:15Business meeting.
20:00Workshop dinner.
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