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The international workshop on "Symbolic Computation in Software Science" is the third in the SCSS workshop series. SCSS 2008 took place at the Research Institute for Symbolic Computation (RISC), Hagenberg, Austria, and, SCSS 2009 took place in Gammarth, Tunisia. These workshops were quite successful. For the next issue of this conference, we would like to extend the range of symbolic computation methods in their applications.
The Workshop grew out of internal workshops that bring together researchers from
  • SCORE (Symbolic Computation Research Group) at University of Tsukuba, Japan,
  • Theorema Group at Research Institute for Symbolic Computation, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria,
  • SSFG (Software Science Foundation Group) at Kyoto University, Japan, and
  • Sup'Com (Higher School of Communication of Tunis) at University of November 7th at Carthage, Tunisia.
SCSS'10 will be held at the RISC Institute, which has a long tradition in symbolic methods and, in addition, has nice conference facilities including our "RISC Castle", an 800 years old remodeled medieval building with nice restaurant.
Symbolic Computation is the science of computing with symbolic objects (terms, formulae, programs, representations of algebraic objects etc.). Powerful symbolic algorithms have been developed during the past decades like resolution proving, model checking, provers for various inductive domains, rewriting techniques, cylindric algebraic decomposition, Groebner bases, characteristic sets, telescoping for recurrence relations, etc.
In this workshop, we concentrate on the application of symbolic algorithms to software science. Topics of the workshop include:
  • theorem proving methods and techniques
  • algorithm (program) synthesis
  • algorithm (program) verification
  • formal methods for the analysis of network security
  • termination analysis of algorithms (programs)
  • complexity analysis of algorithms (programs)
  • extraction of specifications from algorithms (programs)
  • generation of inductive assertion for algorithms (programs)
  • algorithm (program) transformations
  • component-based programming
  • computational origami
  • query languages (in particular for XML documents)
  • semantic web
SCSS is open for the international community and welcomes paper submissions.
SCSS'10 is a part of RISC Summer 2010.
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