Symbolic Computation in Software Science
Austrian-Japanese Workshop, SCSS 2008
RISC, Castle of Hagenberg, Austria
July 12-13, 2008

Workshop Program

Gemeindesaal, Castle of Hagenberg

July 12, July 13

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The proceedings have been published as the RISC Technical Report 08-08

Please note that the order of invited talks has been changes.

Saturday, July 12.
09:20-09:30Opening, welcome speech. Bruno Buchberger
Invited Talk. Session chair: Tetsuo Ida
09:30-10:30 Some Challenges for Automated Theorem Proving.
Dana Scott.
10:30-11:00Coffee break.
Session 1. Chair: Aart Middeldorp
11:00-11:30A Computer Verified Theory of Compact Sets.
Russell O'Connor.
11:30-12:00Designing a Rewriting Induction Prover with an Increased Capability of Non-Orientable Theorems.
Takahito Aoto.
12:00-12:30Productivity of Algorithmic Systems.
Ariya Isihara.
Session 2. Chair: Yukiyoshi Kameyama
14:00-14:30Aligator for Software Verification.
Laura Kovacs.
14:30-15:00Verification of Functional Programs Containing Nested Recursion.
Nikolaj Popov and Tudor Jebelean.
15:00-15:30Practical Program Verification by Forward Symbolic Execution: Correctness and Examples
Madalina Erascu and Tudor Jebelean.
15:30-16:00Coffee break.
Session 3. Chair: Tudor Jebelean
16:00-16:30Lazy Thinking Synthesis of a Groebner Bases Algorithm in Theorema.
Adrian Craciun.
16:30-17:00An Automated Tableau Theorem Prover for FO(ID).
Stephen Bond and Marc Denecker.
19:00-22:00Workshop dinner.
Sunday, July 13.
Invited Talk.Session chair: Masahiko Sato
09:30-10:30 Symbolic Computation in Software Science.
Hoon Hong.
10:30-11:00Coffee break.
Session 4. Chair: Mircea Marin
11:00-11:30External and internal syntax of lambda calculus.
Masahiko Sato.
11:30-12:00Strong Normalization of Polymorphic Calculus for Delimited Continuations.
Yukiyoshi Kameyama and Kenichi Asai.
12:00-12:30Approximation of String Operations in the PHP String Analyzer.
Yasuhiko Minamide.
Session 5. Chair: Yasuhiko Minamide.
14:00-14:30Computational Origami of Angle Quintisection.
Fadoua Ghourabi, Tetsuo Ida and Hidekazu Takahashi.
14:30-15:00Experiences with Web Environment Origamium: Examples and Applications.
Asem Kasem and Tetsuo Ida.
15:00-15:30Graph rewriting in computational origami.
Tetsuo Ida and Hidekazu Takahashi.
15:30-16:00Coffee break.
16:00-16:30SCSS Business meeting.