Research Institute for Symbolic Computation
Johannes Kepler University Linz

 ISSAC 2008

July 20–23, 2008, Hagenberg, Austria

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The schedule is available in PDF format. Room numbers are not yet fixed.

Sunday 20th July

Tutorial 1.

(Room B)

10.45-11.00 (break)

Komei Fukuda (ETH Zurich)

Exact algorithms and software in optimization and polyhedral computation

Tutorial 2 is canceled

Tutorial 2.

(Room B)

14.45-15.00 (break)

Gregor Kemper (Technische Universitaet München)

Algorithmic Invariant Theory.

Tutorial 3.

(Room B)

17.30-17.45 (break)

Madhu Sudan (MIT)

Algebraic Algorithms and Coding Theory

Welcome Reception 19.00

Monday 21st July

9:00-9:30 Opening Ceremony (Room A)

9:30-10:30 Plenary lecture (Room A)

Elizabeth L. Mansfield (University of Kent, UK )

Digital Atlases and Difference Forms

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break

Session A (Room A )

Session B (Room B)


Session A (Room A)

Session B (Room B)


15.15-15:45 Coffee Break

Software Presentation A (Room A):

Software Systems.

Software Presentation B (Room B):

Software Packages and Libraries.


17:00-18:00 ISSAC Business Meeting (Room A)

18:00-19:00 SIGSAM Business Meeting (Room A)

Tuesday 22nd July

Session A (Room A)

Session B (Room B)


10:15-10:45 Coffee Break

10:45-11:45 Plenary lecture (Room A)

Sergei Abramov (Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia)

Power Series and Linear Difference Equations

11:45-12:45 Poster session (Room C)

Session A (Room A)

Session B (Room B)


Ship tour & banquet

Wednesday 23rd July

Session A (Room A)

Session B (Room B)


10:15-10:45 Coffee Break

10:45-11:45 Plenary lecture (Room A )

William Stein (University of Washington, USA)

Can There be a Viable Free Open Source Alternative to Magma, Maple, Mathematica, and Matlab?

11:45-12:45 Poster session (Room C)

14:00-14:35 Jürgen Gerhard. New features in Maple 12 (Room A)

Session A (Room A)

Session B (Room B)


16:20-16:50 Coffee Break

16:50 Closing (Room A)

Linz tour

Invited speakers

Sergei Abramov (Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia, email, www)
Power Series and Linear Difference Equations
Elizabeth L. Mansfield (University of Kent, UK, email, www)
Digital Atlases and Difference Forms
William Stein (University of Washington, USA, email, www)
Can There be a Viable Free Open Source Alternative to Magma, Maple, Mathematica, and Matlab?

Tutorial speakers

Komei Fukuda (ETH Zurich, email, www)
Exact algorithms and software in optimization and polyhedral computation. >>more
Gregor Kemper (Technische Universitaet München, email, www)
Algorithmic Invariant Theory. >>more
Madhu Sudan (MIT, email, www)
Algebraic Algorithms and Coding Theory. >>more

Poster presentations

Software presentations

  • Call for software presentations. [text]

Accepted Papers

Jean-Guillaume Dumas
Q-adic Transform revisited
Adam Strzebonski
Real Root Isolation for Exp-Log Functions
Felix Antritter and Jean Levine
Computer Algebra Implementation of the Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Differential Flatness in the Differential Geometric Framework of Jets of Infinite Order
Valery Romanovski and Zhibek Kadyrsizova
Linearizablity of 1:-3 resonant system with homogeneous cubic nonlinearities
Michael Brickenstein and Alexander Dreyer
Gr÷bner-free Normal Forms for Boolean Polynomials
Manuel Kauers
Integration of Algebraic Functions: A Simple Heuristic for Finding the Logarithmic Part
Didier Henrion and Michael Sebek
Plane geometry and convexity of polynomial stability regions
Jesus De Loera, Jon Lee, Peter Malkin and Susan Margulies
Hilbert's Nullstellensatz and an Algorithm for Proving Combinatorial Infeasibility
Eckhard Pfluegel
A Rational Decomposition-Lemma for Systems of Linear Differential-Algebraic Equations
Hiroshi Sekigawa
The Nearest Polynomial with a Zero in a Given Domain from a Geometrical Viewpoint
Massimo Caboara, Fabrizio Caruso and Carlo Traverso
Gröbner Bases for Public Key Cryptography
Michael Burr, Sungwoo Choi, Benjamin Galehouse and Chee Yap
Complete Subdivision Algorithms, II: Isotopic Meshing of Algebraic Curves
Diatta Daouda, Bernard Mourrain and Olivier Ruatta
On the Computation of the Topology of a Non-Reduced Implicit Space Curve
Hongbo Li and Lei Huang
Complex Brackets, Balanced Complex Differences, and Applications in Symbolic Geometric Computing
Xuhui Wang, Falai Chen and Jiansong Deng
Implicitization and Parametrization of Quadratic Surfaces with One Base Point Using Moving Planes
Anton Leykin
Numerical primary decomposition
Ruben Debeerst, Mark van Hoeij and Wolfram Koepf
Solving Differential Equations in Terms of Bessel Functions
Matthias Aschenbrenner and Christopher Hillar
An Algorithm for Finding Symmetric Groebner Bases in Infinite Dimensional Rings
Martin Peternell and Boris Odehnal
On a remarkable class of rational surfaces in 4-space generalizing surfaces with linear normal vector fields
Scott McCallum, Volker Weispfenning and Melanie Achatz
Deciding Polynomial-Exponential Problems
Dima Grigoriev and Fritz Schwarz
Loewy Decomposition of Third-Order Linear PDE's in the Plane
Alin Bostan, Bruno Salvy and Eric Schost
Power Series Composition and Change of Basis
Moulay Barkatou, Gary Broughton and Eckhard Pfluegel
Regular Systems of Linear Functional Equations and Applications
Vladimir Gerdt and Mikhail Zinin
A Pommaret Division Algorithm for Computing Groebner Bases in Boolean Rings
Erich Kaltofen and Pascal Koiran
Expressing a Fraction of Two Determinants as a Determinant
Mohab Safey El Din
Computing the Global Optimum of a Multivariate Polynomial over the Reals
Itnuit Janovitz-Freireich, Bernard Mourrain, Lajos Ronyai and Agnes Szanto
Moment Matrices, Trace Matrices and the Radical of Ideals
Markus Rosenkranz and Georg Regensburger
Integro-Differential Polynomials and Operators
Songxin Liang, David Jeffrey and Marc Moreno Maza
The Complete Root Classification of a Parametric Polynomial on an Interval
Alin Bostan, Frederic Chyzak and Nicolas Le Roux
Products of Ordinary Differential Operators by Evaluation and Interpolation
Guenael Renault and Kazuhiro Yokoyama
Multi-modular Algorithm for Computing the Splitting Field of a Polynomial
Viktor Levandovskyy and Jorge Martin Morales
Advances in Computational D-module Theory with Singular
Jean-Charles Faugere, Guillaume Moroz, Fabrice Rouillier and Mohab Safey El Din
Classification of the Perspective-Three-Point Problem, Discriminant variety and real solving polynomial systems of inequalities
Masaaki Kanno, Kazuhiro Yokoyama, Hirokazu Anai and Shinji Hara
Symbolic Optimization of Algebraic Functions
Erich Kaltofen, Bin Li, Zhengfeng Yang and Lihong Zhi
Exact certification of global optimality of approximate factorizations via rationalizing sums-of-squares with floating point scalars
Xiaoli Wu and Lihong Zhi
Computing the Multiplicity Structure from Geometric Involutive Form
Adrien Poteaux and Marc Rybowicz
On the Good Reduction of Puiseux Series and the Complexity of Newton-Puiseux Algorithm over Finite Fields
Ekaterina Shemyakova and Elizabeth Mansfield
Moving Frames for Laplace Invariants
Franšois Lemaire, Marc Moreno Maza, Wei Pan and Yuzhen Xie
When does (T) equal Sat(T) ?
Mark Giesbrecht and Daniel Roche
On Lacunary Polynomial Perfect Powers