ISPDC 2007


Registration has been closed on June 25. If you still want to register, contact

Thank you very much for your participation in ISPDC 2007! Please go to the page

RISC Summer 2007: Conference Registration and Room Reservation
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to register for the conference and (optionally) to reserve a hotel room.

Before registration, however please note the information provided below.

Registration Fees

The fees for registration at ISPDC 2007 are as follows:

Authors (including students)€ 380
Early registration for other participants (until May 14)€ 380
Late registration for other participants (after May 14)€ 450
Student registration (non-authors)€ 280

The registration fee includes

  • Bus transport from Linz to Hagenberg and back at the first/last day of the conference (see below).
  • Conference bag including (except for student registrations) an issue of the proceedings.
  • Lunches and coffee breaks (July 5, 6, and 7).
  • Reception (July 5).
  • Conference dinner (July 6).
  • Participation in the Tutorial "gLite/EGEE in Practice" (July 7, only if the option is booked).
  • Internet access by WLAN throughout the conference.
If you want to participate in the tutorial, please choose the booking option "ISPDC 2007 (gLite Tutorial)" when registering for the conference (the number of tutorial places is limited).

If you want to order extra places for lunches, reception, or conference dinner or extra copies of the proceedings, please send an email to

Traveling Information

The conference will start in the afternoon of July 5 and end in the evening of July 7. We recommend that you arrive in Linz in the morning of July 5 and depart from Linz in the late morning of July 8 (see below for other arrival/departure options).

Of course, you may directly travel to Hagenberg on your own. For your convenience, however, we offer a bus that will run from Linz to Hagenberg on July 5 and from Hagenberg to Linz on July 8. If you want to take this bus, please send an email to

indicating how (with which flight/train) you will arrive/depart and at which station you want to enter/leave the bus. The stations and the provisional schedule of the bus are as follows:

Thursday, July 5 (Arrival Day) 
Blue Danube Airport Linz11:45
Main Railway Station ("Hauptbahnhof") Linz12:30
Hotel Sommerhaus/Raab-Heim13:00

Please note that on July 5 international flights arrive in Linz at 10:40 (from Frankfurt) and 11:05 (from Vienna). We recommend that you schedule your traveling to arrive with one of these flights such that you can easily reach the bus. The bus will leave from the front of the airport, from the bus terminal at the railway station marked Reisebusse (go left when you leave the railway station main building), and from the front of the Hotel Sommerhaus. Watch out for the sign "Mader Reisen / ISPDC 2007".

Sunday, July 8 (Departure Day) 
Main Railway Station ("Hauptbahnhof") Linz9:15
Blue Danube Airport Linz10:00

Please note that on July 8 international flights leave from Linz at 11:05 (to Frankfurt) and 11:40 (to Vienna). We recommend that you schedule your traveling to leave with one of these flights.

Arrival on July 4

If you arrive to Linz already on Wednesday, July 4, we assume that you prefer to spend the night from July 4 to July 5 in Linz. Thus, if you indicate the arrival date "July 4" in your room reservation, we we will reserve for you for this single night a room in the
Hotel Sommerhaus/Raab-Heim
Julius-Raab-Straße 10
4040 Linz
Tel.: + 43 (0732) 2457-0
(same cost per night as the hotel in Hagenberg).

To reach this hotel, please take a taxi or the airport bus (Blue Danube Airport Lines) to the bus terminal at the main railway station ("Hauptbahnhof/Hbf") Linz. From the railway station, take the streetcar number 1 or 2 (leaving from the underground of the railway station) in direction "University". Leave at the last but one station "Schumpeterstraße", turn right, and walk to the hotel.

Please checkout the next day (Thursday, July 5) from the hotel. We will pick you up with our bus at 13:00 from the entry of the hotel, and bring you to the conference site and accomodation in Hagenberg (where you will stay for the duration of the conference). Please send an email to

and confirm that you choose this option and we shall pick you up with the bus from the hotel.

Extra Transport

If you arrive later or would like to leave the conference earlier than indicated above (and do not want to travel between Hagenberg and Linz on your own), please send an email to

and indicate your wishes. We will provide extra transport from/to Linz for you at a moderate fee.
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