CIAO 2010
19th Clam — Inka — OMRS Workshop
RISC, Castle of Hagenberg, Austria. August 3-5, 2010.
Scientific Schedule Social

Scientific Program

The scientific program consists of the following talks:

Alois Altendorfer Case Studies in Proof Based Synthesis of Unification Algorithms RISC
Serge Autexier and Dominik Dietrich A Tactic Language for Declarative Proofs DFKI
Serge Autexier and Normen Müller Semantics-Based Change Impact Analysis for Heterogeneous Collections of Documents DFKI
Bruno BuchbergerWhere we standRISC
Alan Bundy Equation Solving in Recursive Theories Edinburgh
Lucas Dixon Reasoning and Representation with Graphs Edinburgh
Isabela Dramnesc Case Studies in Proof Based Synthesis of Sorting Algorithms RISC
Madalina Erascu Imperative Program Verification RISC
Lilia Georgieva Synthesis of decision procedures Edinburgh
Dieter Hutter Patching Security Protocols with Type Flaws DFKI
Tudor Jebelean Overview of Program Verification and Synthesis in Theorema RISC
Temur Kutsia Order-sorted Unification with Regular Expression Sorts RISC
Christoph Lüth Querying HiProofs DFKI
Roy McCasland Theorem-Producing Rules: Two Years on Edinburgh
Nikolaj Popov Functional Program Verification RISC
Omar Montano Rivas Scheme-based Synthesis of Inductive Theories Edinburgh
Alan Smaill Computing blends of theories Edinburgh
Nathan Wasser Partial C- and ACI-Pattern-Matching Darmstadt
Iain Whiteside Refactoring Interactive Proof Edinburgh
Wolfgang Windsteiger Theorema2: Some Design Cosiderations for the Re-Implementation of the Theorema System RISC

A preliminary schedule is available.