The program is also available as PDF version.

21st June

 9:00–10:00 Registration
10:30–11:00 Opening
Commemoration talk (Chair: F. Winkler)
Z. Esik
Life and academic achievements of Stephen Bloom
12:00–13:30 Lunch break
Invited talk (Chair: E. Aichinger)
J.-E. Pin
Theme and variations on the concatenation product
Session 1 (Chair: E. Aichinger)
Marcella Anselmo and Maria Madonia
Comparing necessary conditions for recognizability of two-dimensional languages
Mamadou Mustafa Kanté and Michael Rao
Rank-width of edge colored graphs
Christoph Behle, Andreas Krebs and Steffanie Reifferscheid
Typed monoids—An Eilenberg-like theorem for non regular languages
16:15–16:45 Coffee break
A. Middeldorp and F. Neurauter
Termination and complexity of rewrite systems

22nd June

Invited talk (Chair: W. Kuich)
P. Padawitz
From grammars and automata to algebras and coalgebras
Session 2 (Chair: W. Kuich)
Henning Thielemann
An algebra for signal processing
Ondrej Klima, Miroslav Korbelar and Libor Polak
Rewriting in varieties of idempotent semigroups
Cynthia Kop
Simplifying algebraic functional systems
12:00–13:30 Lunch break
Invited talk (Chair: W. Schreiner)
A. Middeldorp
Automatic complexity analysis for rewrite systems
Session 3 (Chair: W. Schreiner)
Christos Koukouvinos, Dimitris Simos and Zlatko Varbanov
Hadamard matrices, designs and their secret-sharing theme
Irini-Eleftheria Mens and George Rahonis
Variable tree automata over infinite ranked alphabets
Matthieu Deneufchâtel, Gérard H. E. Duchamp, Vincel Hoang Ngoc Minh and Allan I. Solomon
Independence of hyperlogarithms over function fields via algebraic combinatorics
16:15–16:45 Coffee break
P. Padawitz
Co/algebraic modelling and verification at work

23rd June

Excursion to Langenlois (site only available in German).

24th June

Invited talk (Chair: G. Rahonis)
L. Ronyai
Some combinatorial applications of Gröbner bases
Session 4 (Chair: G. Rahonis)
Gregory Karagiorgos and Dimitrios Poulakis
An algorithm for computing a basis of a finite Abelian group
Sicun Gao, Andre Platzer and Edmund Clarke
Quantifier elimination over finite fields using Gröbner bases
Anna Benini, Achille Frigeri and Fiorenza Morini
Codes and combinatorial structures from circular planar nearrings
Ulrich Loup and Erika Abraham
I-RiSC: An SMT-compliant solver for the existential fragment of real algebra
12:30–13:30 Lunch break