4th International Conference
on Algebraic Informatics

21–24 June 2011 in Linz, Austria

Research Institute for Symbolic Computation (RISC)

CAI 2011 continues the tradition established by CAI 2005, CAI 2007, and CAI 2009: to bring together researchers from theoretical computer science and algebra. This should enhance the understanding of syntactic and semantic problems by algebraic models; and it should also propagate the application of modern techniques from informatics in algebraic computation. We will try to achieve this goal via invited lectures, tutorials, and contributed research talks.

CAI 2011 is hosted at the Research Institute for Symbolic Computation (RISC) which is an institute of the Johannes Kepler University.

Topics of interest

Algebraic semantics, formal power series, syntactic objects, algebraic picture processing, finite and infinite computations, acceptors and transducers for discrete structures, decision problems, algebraic characterization of logical theories, process algebra, algebraic algorithms, algebraic coding theory, algebraic aspects of cryptography, term rewriting, algebraic aspects of number theory.


The poster of CAI 2011 can be downloaded in PDF format.