Local information

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We recommend the Sommerhaus Hotel (Julius-Raab-Heim) in Linz for the participants of CAI2011. The address is

Hotel Sommerhaus
Julius-Raab-Straße 10
A-4040 Linz

To reach the hotel from the train station we recommend taking the tram. You have the use either line 1 or line 2, both in the direction “Universität”. During daytime the tram goes almost every five minutes. With line 1 or 2 you go to the final stop, also called “Universität”. A MIDI ticket is needed for this distance, which can be obtained from automata at the tram stops. (If you plan to go to the city centre in the evening, then a MAXI (daily) ticket is advisible.)

From the tram stop “Universität” you have to walk east along the Aubrunner Weg. The big building towards which you walk right after the turn is the Sommerhaus Hotel. You can reach it from the Aubrunner Weg via a small path. See also the map below.

To reach the hotel from Linz airport we recommend taking a bus to the train station. A bus schedule is available on the airport web site. At the train station proceed as above.

Conference site

The conference takes place on the JKU campus. To reach it from the Sommerhaus Hotel you have to go back the way to the tram station “Universität”. From there, you walk north along Altenberger Straße. The university campus is just to the left after approx. 50m.

The talks take place in the Uni-Center in the representation room G. The lecture room is equipped with a beamer and an overhead projector. There is also a blackboard available.

Restaurants and supermarkets

Below is a list of restaurants which are close to the hotel and the workshop site. They are usually open at noon and in the evening. Most of them provide special menus for lunch at a reduced price. Their location is inscribed in the above map.

Chinese restaurants
Italian restaurants
Fast food

Additonally there is the university mensa and of course you can also eat in the hotel. A more restaurants are available if you go to the centre of Linz. For this it is best to take the tram (line 1 or line 2) going to the stop “Hauptplatz”. You need a MAXI (daily) ticket for this.

There are supermarkets close to the hotel. They are on the map, too.