The Castle of Hagenberg Algebraic Biology 2007
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Since 2005, we are organizing an international conference "Algebraic Biology" that focuses on the application of computer algebra, automated reasoning, hybrid algebraic and numeric computation, which is also called symbolic computation, to all types of problems from biology: AB'05, AB'07, and AB'08. These conferences were quite successful. For the next issue of this conference, we would like to extend the range of mathematical methods in their applications.
In 2010, RISC and AIST jointly will will organize "Algebraic and Numeric Biology" (ANB'10), which is renamed after our traditional name, "Algebraic Biology", to consider its wider scope of mathematical methods, especially numeric computation. ANB'10 will be held at the RISC Institute, which has a long tradition in symbolic methods and, in addition, has nice conference facilities including our "RISC Castle", an 800 years old remodeled medieval building with nice restaurant.
ANB'10 is an international forum to promote discussion and interaction between researchers who apply different computational approaches to various issues in biology / life sciences. The conference covers all aspects of applications of algebraic and numeric approaches in biology, e.g.
  • mathematical modeling
  • model identification
  • system analysis and design
  • system verification
  • system synthesis
  • simulation
  • parameter optimization
  • process control and design
  • optimization
  • etc.
  • using
  • genomics
  • proteomics
  • transcriptome
  • metabolome
  • molecular evolution
  • gene ontology
  • ecology
  • epidemiology
  • bioinformatics
  • algorithmic biology
  • systems biology
  • synthetic biology
  • signal procession
  • reverse engineering
  • network analysis
  • sequence analysis
  • molecular structure analysis
  • phylogenetic analysis
  • microarray analysis and design
  • etc.
  • in various computing paradigms like
  • polynomial methods
  • group theory
  • rewriting
  • automated reasoning
  • automata theory
  • formal language
  • combinatorics
  • graph theory
  • artificial intelligence
  • differential algebra
  • local analysis
  • hybrid symbolic numerical methods
  • approximate and numerical methods
  • etc.
  • Contributions that present recent results including significant work-in-progress, and identify and explore new directions of research are welcome.
    Please draw your attention to the fact that we will have (similarly to what we had at AB 2007) an extra session on "Work in Progress". Please feel motivated to submit talks with papers, which need not be fully worked out, for this session and clearly mark them with "for the Work in Progress Session". Refereeing for this session will be mainly on the appropriateness of the paper w.r.t. to the scope of ANB and the topicality of ideas and not so much on technicalities etc."
    ANB'10 is a part of RISC Summer 2010.
  • sequential
  • parallel
  • distributed
  • grid computing
  • cellular
  • genetic
  • etc.
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    RISC Software GmBH
    Austrian Grid
    Raiffeisen Landesbank
    Land Oberoestereich