AISC 2004
  7th International Conference on
Theory, Implementations and Applications
September 22(We)-24(Fr), 2004,
RISC (Research Institute for Symbolic Computation), Castle of Hagenberg, Austria    
Co-organized by RICAM (Radon Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics), Linz, Austria

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  • A Paraconsistent Higher Order Logic
        Jørgen Villadsen
  • Abstraction within Partial Deduction for Linear Logic
        Peep Küngas
  • A Decision Procedure for Equality Logic with Uninterpreted Functions
        Olga Tveretina
  • Generic Hermitian Quantifier Elimination
        Andreas Dolzmann, Lorenz A. Gilch
  • Extending Finite Model Searching with Congruence Closure Computation
        Jian Zhang, Hantao Zhang
  • On the Combination of Congruence Closure and Completion
        Christelle Scharff, Leo Bachmair
  • Combination of Nonlinear Terms in Interval Constraint Satisfaction Techniques
        Laurent Granvilliers, Mina Ouabiba
  • Proving and Constraint Solving in Computational Origami
        Tetsuo Ida, Dorin Tepeneu, Bruno Buchberger, Judit Robu
  • Two Revision Methods Based on Constraints: Application to the Flooding Problem
        Mahat Khelfallah, Belaid Benhamou
  • An Evolutionary Local Search Method for Incremental Satisfiability
        M.B. Menaï
  • Solving Equations Involving Sequence Variables and Sequence Functions
        Temur Kutsia
  • Verified Computer Algebra in ACL2 (Grobner Bases Computation)
        I. Medina-Bulo, F. Palomo-Lozano, J.A. Alonso-Jimenez, J.L. Ruiz-Reina
  • Abstraction-Driven Verification of Array Programs
        D. Deharbe, A. Imine, S. Ranise
  • Polynomial Interpretations with Negative Coefficients
        Nao Hirokawa, Aart Middeldorp
  • From a Computer Algebra Library to a System with an Equational Prover
        Serge Mechveliani
  • New developments in Symmetry Breaking in Search Using Computational Group Theory
        Tom Kelsey, Steve Linton, Colva Roney-Dougal
  • Recognition of Whitehead-minimal Elements in Free Groups of Large Ranks
        Alexei D. Miasnikov
  • Four Approaches to Automated Reasoning with Differential Algebraic Structures
        Jesus Aransay, Clemens Ballarin, Julio Rubio
  • Algorithm-Supported Mathematical Theory Explanation: A Personal View and Strategy
        Bruno Buchberger
  • Singularities in Qualitative Reasoning
        Bjorn Gottfried
  • An Expert System on Detection, Evaluation and Treatment of Hypertension
        E. Roanes-Lozano, E. Lopez-Vidriero Jr., L.M. Laita, E. Lopez-Vidriero, V. Maojo, E. Roanes-Macias

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