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The Algorithmic and Enumerative Combinatorics conference is the homonymous special research program's (SFB) concluding event. The meeting will take place in Vienna from July 4–8, 2022, more precisely at the Freihaus of the Technical University of Vienna (Wiedner Hauptstraße 8–10) in Tower A (Green Area), 2nd floor, Lecture Hall ("Hörsaal") FH 6.

The SFB (short for the German name SpezialForschungsBereich) is funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), and it is a special effort of five institutes, the Faculty of Mathematics (University of Vienna), the Institute for Discrete Mathematics and Geometry (Technical University Vienna), the Research Institute for Symbolic Computation and the Institute of Algebra (Johannes Kepler University Linz), and the Johann Radon Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics (Austrian Academy of Sciences).

Algorithmic and Enumerative Combinatorics is in our understanding the general research area which is defined by the interplay of the fields of Enumerative Combinatorics, Analytic Combinatorics, and Algorithmics. It is a very active research area, which, aside from the three fields fueling each other mutually, receives constant impetus from outside, by its interaction with algebra, probability, statistical physics, and computer science. It is very modern as it necessarily requires skills in many different fields, and as it is unthinkable nowadays to make progress in this area without using (the) computer (algebra).

The conference will feature invited lectures by

There will be time for a limited number of contributed talks by participants (about 25 minutes each talk). If you are interested, please submit an extended abstract until March 31, 2022 to There are limited funds available for participant support. Participants who require financial support should send an application with CV and a letter of support to (application deadline: May 1, 2022). The deadline for registration is May 15, 2022.


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