Applications of Computer Algebra
RISC, Castle of Hagenberg, Austria.
July 27-30, 2008.


ACA 2008 had 192 registered participants. Find here the list of participants.

Session Schedule

Find here the session schedule.

Session Programs

Find here an overview over the entire program of ACA 2008, including speakers and titles of the talks.

Find the programs of individual sessions below.

  1. Symbolic and Algebraic Computation for Optimization Tasks in Science and Engineering (Chibisov, Ganzha, Mayr): Program
  2. Symbolic Symmetry Analysis and Its Applications (Bila, Kogan): Program
  3. Computer Algebra and Coding Theory (Martínez-Moro, Ruano, Hernando): Program
  4. Nonstandard Applications of Computer Algebra (Roanes-Lozano, Wester, Steinberg): Program
  5. Computer Algebra in Education (Akritas, Wester, Kutzler, Pletsch): Program
  6. Computer Algebra for Dynamical Systems, and Celestial Mechanics (Edneral, Myllari, Vassiliev): Program
  7. Compact Computer Algebra (Smirnova, Watt): Program
  8. Algebraic and Algorithmic Aspects of Differential and Integral Operators (Regensburger, Rosenkranz, Tsarev): Program
  9. Gröbner Bases and their Applications (Arnold, Kotsireas, Rosenkranz): Program
  10. Interaction Between Computer Algebra and Interval Computations (Krämer, Popova): Program
  11. Symbolic Computation and Deduction in System Design and Verification (Anai, Kanno, Sofronie-Stokkermans, Sturm): Program
  12. Symbolic Computation and Quantum Field Theory (Kauers, Schneider): Program
  13. Symbolic and Numeric Computation (Akritas, Kai, Sasaki, Shirayanagi, Stefanescu): Program
  14. Parallel Computer Algebra (Malaschonok): Program
  15. Computer Algebra in Group Theory and Representation Theory (Cohen, Vavilov, Wilson): Program

Lecture Halls

The ACA sessions will be held in parallel sessions. We have 4 lecture halls in the castle of Hagenberg (the home of RISC), all of them equipped with a beamer and a presentation laptop. Additional equipment (overhead, whiteboard, etc.) is available on demand, this can be organized on the fly.


The Conference banquet will be held on Tuesday June 29th evening at 20:00 in the city center of Linz. Bus transfer from the conference to the banquet and back to Hagenberg will be provided.


Lunch is iuncluded in the registration fee. There is the choice between two meals each day, one of them vegetarian (vegetarian in the sense that it has no meat, it does not necessarily meet further restrictions, like e.g. "vegan"; if you have special needs we can arrange this of course).

The choice between the two meals is to be done when registering on site. We will list the choices here soon so that you can already make up your minds ...

Sunday July 27
Menu 1Menu 2 (vegetarian)
Soup: Soup from beef with dumpling
Main: Grilled Chickenrolls with italian vegetables and potatoes
Soup: Vegetable soup with dumpling
Main: Gratinated Mexican Tortillas filled with vegetables
Monday July 28
Menu 1Menu 2 (vegetarian)
Main: Ragout from Beef with mushroom sauce and dumpling
Dessert: Home-made Joghurt-cake
Main: Crepes filled with zucchini and mushroom sauce
Dessert: Home-made Joghurt-cake
Tuesday July 29
Menu 1Menu 2 (vegetarian)
Soup: Mushroom soup
Main: Lasagne Bolognese al forno
Soup: Mushroom soup
Main: Vegetable Lasagne
Wednesday July 30
Menu 1Menu 2 (vegetarian)
Main: Baked Turkey-Cheese spit with salad and potatoes
Dessert: Apple pie
Main: Vegetable cakes/dumplings with salad, herb cream and potatoes
Dessert: Apple pie