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Accepted Papers

  • Michael Lvov.
    About One Algorithm of Program Polynomial Generation
  • Ali Mili.
    Reflexive Transitive Loop Invariants: A Basis for Computing Loop Functions
  • Stefan Kauer and Jürgen Winkler.
    Mechanical Generation of Invariants for FOR-Loops
  • Vladimir Zakharov and Igor Konnov.
    An Invariant-based Approach to the Verification of Asynchronous Parameterized Networks
  • Andrew Ireland.
    A Cooperative Approach to Loop Invariant Discovery for Pointer Programs
  • Rustan Leino and Francesco Logozzo.
    Using Widenings to Infer Loop Invariants Inside an SMT Solver, or: A Theorem Prover as Abstract Domain
  • Laura Kovács.
    Automated Polynomial Invariant Generation by Algebraic Techniques for Imperative Program Verification in Theorema
  • Mikoláš Janota.
    Assertion-based Loop Invariant Generation

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