RISC - DESY Workshop

Advanced Summation Techniques and their Applications in Quantum Field Theory
on the occasion of the 5th year jubilee of the RISC-DESY cooperation

May 07-08, 2012, RISC Institute, Castle of Hagenberg, Linz, Austria


Monday (May 07)

09:10-10:00   Carsten Schneider, RISC: Computer algebra and elementary particle physics: a successful story pdf
10:00-10:50   Johannes Blümlein, DESY Zeuthen: Solving single mass Feynman Integrals at 2 and 3 Loops pdf
10:50-11:20  Coffee break
11:20-11:50   Manuel Kauers, RISC: Fine-Tuning Zeilberger's Algorithm
11:50-12:20   Michael Hoffman, U. S. Naval Academy: Hopf algebra structures on quasi-shuffle algebras pdf
12:20-14:00  Lunch (Schlossrestaurant)
14:00-14:30   Isabella Bierenbaum, DESY: A short introduction to the calculation of Feynman diagrams using Feynman parameters, Mellin-Barnes integrals and nested sums
14:30-15:00   Jakob Ablinger, RISC: Computer algebra algorithms for special functions in particle physics pdf
15:00-15:30   Abilio de Freitas, DESY Zeuthen: Integrals in 2-loop massive OMEs with external massive legs pdf
15:30-16:30  Coffee break
16:30-17:00   Alxeander Hasselhuhn, DESY Zeuthen: Ladder and gluonic contributions at 3-loops pdf
17:00-17:30   Mark Round, RISC: Refined Holonomic Multi-Summation Applied to QCD Graphs pdf
17:30-18:00   Andre Hoang, University Vienna: Summation of renormalization and renormalon logarithms in jet production and precision determination of alpha_s at NNNLL order
18:30-  Depature to Linz (dinner: Promenadenhof)

Tuesday (May 08)

09:10-09:40   Tord Riemann, DESY Zeuthen: Simple Feynman diagrams and simple sums pdf
09:40-10:10   Fredrik Johansson, RISC: Fast Special Function Computations with FLINT pdf
10:10-10:40   Fabian Wissbrock, DESY Zeuthen: The hyperlogarithm method for non-divergent 3-loop integrals pdf
10:40-11:10  Coffee break
11:10-11:40   Clemens Raab, RISC: Symbolic Computation of Linear Relations of Parameter Integrals pdf
11:40-12:10   Veronika Pillwein, RISC: Symbolic Computation for Special Functions Inequalities pdf
12:10-13:10  Lunch (Hofwirt)